GOMZ Mission: North America

Cuba – Bringing the liberating gospel of Jesus Christ to a people bound and held captive by control and oppression.

Dominican Republic – Bringing the joy and light of Christ to those who are broken and in despair.

Mexico, Panama and the San Blas Islands – Teams and individuals have also traveled into Mexico, Panama and the San Blas Islands. Each one being touched by the loving hand of Jesus through surrendered people who want to see others healed and transformed. Unfortunately there are no pictures available at this time.

Navajo Indian Reservation – Teams from GOMZ take an annual mission trip to the First Nations People – the Navajo. Each year, thousands of dollars are donated in the form of cash, food, material goods, and construction labor. Multitudes are fed, buildings are built, and people are touched and healed by the saving power of Jesus Christ. There have been tremendous physical and emotional healings from terminal cancer and deafness to addictions and suicidal depression. It is shocking to know that third world conditions exist in our own country"¦IN OUR OWN BACKYARD!