Powered Up Kidz

Powered Up Kidz Children"s Ministry at Gateway on Mt. Zion

At Gateway, it is our desire to see everyone – regardless of age to become equipped and their gifts and talents activated. It is an honor and privilege for parents to entrust their most precious gifts to us each week.  It is our fervent hope that your child will go home changed and transformed after every class because God spoke to and touched them in a personal way.  We do not just teach Bible stories, but help disciple your precious ones to passionately follow Christ. We are not babysitting your children, but equipping them to fulfill the plans and purposes God has instilled in their hearts and lives.

From the newborns-3 year olds (Sparks) to our 14 year olds (Flashpoint), we are progressively fanning the flames of the Holy Spirit in each young life and creating a burning desire for the Lord that will continue to grow throughout their lifetime.  Fire and Reign Children"s Ministry, has a passion to see the fire of the Holy Spirit released in our children with the power of Jesus Reigning in their lives.

Sparks: (Infant-3 Years)

The hearts of precious children between the ages of infant to 3 years old are open and eager for learning about the things of God. As Jesus “sparks" a flame in each child, that spark activates an unquenchable fire in their hearts and lives that will never be extinguished. They in turn will throw off “sparks" to other children. This is not babysitting, but an opportunity to help them learn at a tender age how much Jesus loves them, how to love one another, and how to love their families.

Torchbearers: (4-6 Years)

As the spark has transformed into a brightly shining torch for Christ – each child can light the way for other children to experience and know the life changing and saving grace of Jesus. They will be learning and experiencing the Word of God in ways that they can understand, and in turn, share with others. We"ll be using puppets, skits, object lessons, active play, stories brought to life, and praise and worship – just to name a few!

Trailblazers: (7-10 Years)

A Trailblazer shines or burns brightly! It"s time for the children to blaze a new path, making their mark along the way. How can they do this? By sharing the light and love of God that was never meant to be contained and kept inside of us! They can blaze a new trail by sharing the love of Christ with their classmates, with neighbors, family and friends! They will learn biblical, foundational truths and the Holy Spirit will stir-up and activate the gifts, talents, and abilities that God has placed in each one of them!

Flashpoint: (11-14 Years)

The point at which there"s a Holy Ghost explosion that effects spirit, soul and body! Every parent wants their child to establish their own relationship with Jesus. It"s not enough to know about Him, they need to know Him. They must have a loving, close relationship with Him to accomplish everything He has purposed for them. Our desire is to come alongside the parents in helping to teach the kids how to pray, study the Word, effectively deal with tough situations, use their God given gifts, and how to share the saving grace of Jesus with others. We"ll do this by using many different learning techniques – dramatic skits, lessons, games, object lessons, and ice breakers.