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Daily Devotional - May 6th

May 6, 2023 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Daily Read - Ruth 2:1-4:22; John 4:43-54; Psalm 105:16-36; Proverbs 14:26-27

 John 4:44-45
For Jesus Himself testified that a prophet has no honor in his own country.
So when He came to Galilee, the Galileans received Him,
having seen all the things He did in Jerusalem at the feast;
for they also had gone to the feast.

Sadly, there are those in My body who do not receive the full gospel of who I am. They receive Me in part, but those parts that make them uncomfortable and uneasy, they conveniently shove off to the side. 
Those from My own family in Nazareth chose not to receive Me for who I was and as a result, I could not move in the miraculous because of the pervasive unbelief in that city. Things went smoothly as long as I played the role of Jesus, the carpenter's son. Everyone thought they knew Me and were quite content to know Me as Joseph's son. However, once word got out that I was Messiah, the Son of God, things got messy. The Nazarenes could not wrap their heads around the idea that little Jesus grew up and traded in My hammer for a cross to save them from themselves. Familiarity breeds contempt. 

I would not succumb to their negativity and scorn, so I shook the dust of rejection from My feet and headed to places of faith. Unbelief excluded the people of Nazareth from receiving the dynamic demonstration of My Father’s power and grace.  

The Galileans, on the other hand openly welcomed and received Me into their lives. As a result, signs, wonders, and miracles flowed abundantly. Faith was so pervasive in this city even the nobleman's son was healed by the Word of My mouth. I respond to faith, but most importantly, I respond when people receive and recognize who I Am in their daily lives.
There are facets of who I am you may not understand, but don’t dismiss them as menial or insignificant because they make you uncomfortable. This is one of the highest forms of dishonor and disrespect. Receive all of who I am, and I will bring understanding and revelation to your areas of concern. Do not allow old mindsets to rob you from My miraculous flow. Familiarity can lull you into a place of slumber causing you to sleep right through revival!
 Wake up and receive what is standing right before you. Never take one miracle for granted for each one is sent straight from the throne of God. Embrace My presence and never take it for granted because it’s become familiar. The more of Me you receive, the more of Me I will send.  
Honor Me and I will honor you with more of Me!
Lord Jesus, forgive me for taking Your presence for granted. I am so honored You choose to manifest Yourself to so unique ways. Forgive me when I disregard one miracle over another. Each touch from heaven is life changing and precious because they come from the heart of Father God. I never want to become so familiar with You that I disrespect who You are.. the Son of God and Creator of the universe. I receive the fullness of who You are and I honor You in my life! Amen.