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Daily Devotional - March 19th

Mar 19, 2025 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Daily Read “ Numbers 28:16-29:40; Luke 3:23-38; Psalm 62:1-12; Proverbs 11:18-19
Psalm 62:5-8
My soul, wait silently for God alone,
For my expectation is from Him.
He only is my rock and my salvation;
He is my defense;
I shall not be moved.
In God is my salvation and my glory;
The rock of my strength,
And my refuge, is in God.
Trust in Him at all times, you people;
Pour out your heart before Him;
God is a refuge for us.
My children, things are escalating and transitioning at a rapid pace. Intensity increases not only in the spiritual realm, but much is transpiring in the earthly, natural realm. All creation groans for the manifestation of My sons. This isn't the time to wander from My presence, but to run deeper into places of My Spirit. Remember, I Am the only one who knows the future. I live in your future and make provision for you regardless what your mind and physical senses tell you!
As David spoke to his soul in Psalms 62, speak to your mind, will, and emotions and tell them to wait silently for Me. Pull down all thoughts that contradict and exalt themselves against My Word of truth. Make them submit to the truth of who I Am in your life.
Command your soul to be silent and expect to hear My instructions and directions for your next move. I Am your rock and I will be the only one standing in the end. All other foundations will crumble and fall, but I am eternally immovable.
Place your life and trust in My love for you.  When you fully understand and receive My overwhelming love, nothing will ever again be able to rock your world, no matter what comes your way. I Am your salvation, the glory and lifter of your head. When you feel weak, run into My presence and find strength for your soul. There is fullness of joy in My presence and it brings you strength!
The times and seasons ahead will be filled with increased volatility and your natural mind will want to succumb to fear and worry. Remember, you're not from this natural realm, you are supernatural, seated in heavenly places with Me, the author and finisher of your faith.
When you place your trust in Me, those places of fear and doubt have no choice but to surrender to the One who holds your future.  Cut ties and break agreements with all voices of fear that scream for your attention. Their strategy is to obstruct and delay your upgrade. Silence those voices and enter My peace and shalom.
Run to Me...I Am your refuge!
Precious Jesus, I run into the arms of Your presence and pour out my heart to You. I want nothing to tie me to this ungodly, natural realm. I command my soul to wait silently before You. I refuse to enter into the fear and worry that swirls around me. I choose to remain in the safety of Your presence. Regardless of how the enemy tries, I will not be lured into anxiety and fret, but my eyes remain fixed on the author and finisher of my faith.  Though the world shakes and trembles around me, I am not moved because I stand on the Rock of my salvation Who is steady, secure and eternally immovable. You shall not be moved and neither shall I! Amen!