Children's Equipping at Gateway on Mt. Zion

Sandi Thuecks: Children’s Administrator

At GOMZ, it’s our desire to see everyone – regardless of their age – become equipped and activated in their gifts. It is an honor and privilege to have parents entrust their most precious gifts to us each week. It is our fervent hope that your child will go home changed each and every class because they have experienced the life changing Word of God in a way that speaks to their hearts. We are not just teaching bible stories, but helping disciple young believers to be followers of Christ. Each one of us in the body of Christ has God given gifts and talents ignited by the precious Holy Spirit to impact the world around them.

Through a relationship with Jesus, our children will recognize the giftings He’s placed in them to reach out to a lost and hurting world through prayer, sharing their hearts, and serving one another. From our newborns (Sparklers) to our 14 year olds (Flashpoint), we are progressively fanning the flames of the Holy Spirit in each young life and creating a burning desire for the Lord that will grow throughout their lifetime. At Powered Up Kidz, we are filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit with the power of Jesus reigning in our lives!