K.N.O.W. Classes

Knowing How to Navigate Outrageous Culture with Wonders


Teacher: Ed Killian-Keup

Sundays, 8:30 – 9:30am

November 3 – November 17

GOMZ Fellowship Hall


November 3The Nature of our Warfare

  • What is our role in Spiritual warfare?
    • A) If Jesus has the victory what am I doing here?
    • B) If I can call in heavenly hosts to do the battle, what is my role?
  • Understanding our place in the battles


November 10The Expectations of our Warfare

  • What is expected of me?
  • How to handle "sieges”
  • Offensive and defensive warfare
  • Fatigue is the enemy of the saint.. how do I keep going when the battle is so long and hard?


November 17The Tactics of our Warfare

  • How do we fight?
  • What do we fight?
  • When do we fight?
  • Communications with up and down the command chain