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Apostle Bill Easter

Sunday, November 17th

By Brook - Site Promoter McNeely - November 7, 2019

Apostle Bill Easter
Sunday, November 17th - 10 AM

Gateway invites you to attend a power-packed service with Apostle Bill Easter.  Pastor Dee Dee personally experienced the anointing that pours from Bill when she joined GARN Ministries in Uganda.  She was overwhelmed as she witnessed the love of Christ demonstrated through signs, wonders and miracles in the numerous villages they visited. It was a life-transforming trip for her and this will be a life-transforming service for you. 

Come expecting to not only receive Holy Spirit Fire, but then to give it others!
Bill was baptized in the Fire of God at The Brownsville Revival in 1996 and has been carrying the fire around the world ever since then. He served fifteen years in the Assemblies of God, eight of those as a U.S. Missionary to Native Americans. 

In 2007, Bill had a seven-day encounter with God that led to a revelation about modern-day apostles. In 2010, God called him out of the Assemblies of God to begin Global Apostolic Revival Network (GARN). Since 2011, Bill has carried the fire in apostolic ministry to Mexico, India, Uganda, Kenya, and Guatemala, as well as throughout much of the United States, from the South to Alaska. GARN provides oversite to GARN Uganda which currently has twenty-five churches and a School of Ministry. Fires of revival are being spread to the nations!



New Believers Survival Training

Six Weeks

By Brook - Site Promoter McNeely - September 25, 2018

New Believers Survival Training
Sundays (October 13 - November 17)
10 AM - 11 AM
GOMZ Church Fellowship Hall

The purpose of this class is to arm all soldiers in God's army through special training classes or one on-one mentoring. This class will equip you to survive as a new believer in the body of Christ. However, any Christian who has never been discipled in the basics is welcome too! Topics covered are:
Discovering the Secret Place
Your God-given Identity
Fighting the Good Fight
The Holy Spirit
The Church
Preparing for Persecution
Classes at the church are offered periodically throughout the year,
but you can request a teaching mentor and take the class
anytime it is convenient with you and your mentor by phone or Skype.
If interested, contact our church office at 303-670-1319 or
Please give us your email address and phone number,
and Charleeda Sprinkle will send you additional information about the class by email
and set you up with a mentor.

Gateway Kidz Kamp

Every Sunday

By Brook - Site Promoter McNeely - May 16, 2018

Gateway Kidz Kamp
Sundays from 10:00am - 1:00pm
Infant - 13 years old

In today’s busy world, families are constantly on the go.  At Gateway on Mount Zion Church, we’re not afraid to slow down and dedicate focused time and attention on your kids.  Why?  Because God LOVES kids and so do we!  Kids today are flooded with opinions, ideas and values from all sides.  With so many mixed messages, it’s hard for them to know how to navigate the waters.  At Gateway, we want to help you give your kids a firm foundation and solid footing. 
How do kids learn best?  Through hands-on activities and games, interactive teaching, music, full-tummies, exciting skits and characters.  Remember all those mixed messages they hear?  We want to help them learn what God says.
What will a day at Kidz Kamp look like?
  Breakfast at 10:00 to fill their tummies and give them energy and focus for the fun ahead!  Then we’ll join together for some music, dive into some amazing bible adventures, meet some bible heroes, make some crafts, play some games, talk about what we’ve learned and end the day with a special lunch from 12:30 to 1:00.
Sometimes parents need a break!  You constantly give, give, give.  What better way to give back to you, than by making a special place for your kids?  There is no charge for Kidz Kamp! 
Need a ride?  
Contact Tibby at or call 303.670.1319 ext. 7