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Daily Devotional - June 19th

Jun 19, 2020 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Daily Read - 1 Kings 20:1-21:29; Acts 12:24-13:15; Psalm 137:1-9; Proverbs 17:16
 Psalm 137:1-4
Alongside Babylon's rivers we sat on the banks; we cried and cried,
remembering the good old days in Zion.
Alongside the quaking aspens we stacked our unplayed harps;
That's where our captors demanded songs, sarcastic and mocking:
"Sing us a happy Zion song!"
Oh, how could we ever sing God's song in this wasteland?
 The Message Translation
There is a praise surrounding My throne that carries an aroma unmatched by any other. It comes from the hearts of My people who sing in the middle of the wilderness. A praise so powerful the gates of hell can't stand against it and darkness can't quench it. It shoots through the second heaven domain of Satan shattering darkness as it makes its way to My heart carried on the wind of My Spirit. 
A song that soars above the confines of the natural realm and crescendos in the fires of persecution and mockery. Nothing can stop this song or the sound it carries. With each trial, another verse bursts forth enhancing the depth and power of the message.
Melodies arise from the ashes of despair demonstrating the beauty of redemption and the song keeps growing. Authored and orchestrated by life's journey of valleys and mountains, twists and turns, this ballet gains momentum and forges as a mighty rushing river, breaking through every mountain that dares stands in its way.
It never thinks about relenting only pressing on and through to bring Me glory and honor. Quitting is not an option, neither is retreat for the only chorus it sings is praise to the victorious King!
Whether you are in the lowest of valleys or standing on the highest mountain peak, release the sound of praise that resides within, it is waiting to rip through hell to reach My heart.
It is not a time to hang up your song on the weeping willows of self-pity, but a time to sing new songs of triumph and praise because I Am worthy. Do not wait for your situations to change, but change your situations with praise.  Do not allow the enemy to steal one more note of your song; begin singing louder than ever....I have another verse just waiting to be written!