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Daily Devotional - March 15th

Mar 15, 2019 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Daily Read –   Numbers 22:21-23:30; Luke 1:57-80; Psalm 58:1-11; Proverbs 11:12-13
Numbers 22:22-41
Balaam and the Donkey
Our precious Father goes to great lengths to get our attention. His grace and mercy for His children far exceeds anything experienced in the natural from any human being. The love of God continually reaches out to us even when we are strong-willed and hardheaded.
The story of Balaam in Numbers 22 is a perfect example of God's amazing grace extended to a man who was so determined to do his own thing; he could not recognize God's supernatural intervention.
Imagine yourself setting out on a journey in total disregard to God's guidance and instruction. Everything seems to go as expected until your ride decides to give you fits for no apparent reason.
Balaam was oblivious to the fact that heaven stood in his path stopping him from certain peril. An angel of God was sent to Balaam, but he was distracted by his own agenda and did not recognize heaven in his midst. His donkey saw everything and refused to travel on, even though it meant a beating from Balaam. 
Balaam could not see the Lord's intervention and considered the whole event an obnoxious inconvenience. God even went as far as to open the mouth of his donkey allowing him to speak to Balaam. Now, wouldn't you think this would get his attention? Balaam, not only remained clueless about the angel's presence, but he actually began talking and responding to his donkey's questions.
I don't know about you, but if my dog began talking to me, I would not only faint, but on the way down to the floor, I would know I was experiencing something supernatural from God!
Finally, Balaam's eyes could see the angel and he fell on his face in repentance. Praise God!
How far does God have to go to get your attention?  Are you sensitive to hear His voice the first time He speaks, or does He have to go to extreme measures before you will listen?
God constantly intervenes on our behalf. Ask the Lord to open your eyes to see and recognize when heaven is in your midst. Pray for the Holy Spirit to bring a new sensitivity to His voice. Take the time to listen and you will hear Him speak guiding you in all of your day's events.
God is with you today - Do you recognize Him?
Open my eyes Lord I want to see You. Open my ears Lord I want to hear You. This is my prayer today. I want to recognize Your presence in my life. I get so busy in my daily routine that I sometimes fail to discern Your presence and interventions. Many times my prayers are answered, but because of life's distractions, I fail to recognize the answer came from You. Lord, forgive me for my negligence in this area. Thank You for loving me so much, You are willing to go great lengths to convey Your heart to me. I desire to hear the first time You speak. I will seek and find You today because You are always in my midst.