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From Pastor Dave

Prophetic Word for 2017

By Brook - Site Promoter McNeely - January 4, 2017

Pastor David
Run forward with what I’ve shown you and don’t look back, for the strongholds and the strongman of influence are being destroyed as you allow Me to do My work. I am your strength, I am your mighty tower even in the time of troubles, I am your refuge.

Only My sons have access to the treasures of My Spirit. As you receive those things I say in this season, the eyes of your understanding will be submerged in the deep, deep ways of a life lived in Spirit and Truth. Allow My breath to overtake you. Breathe in My Zoe life.  Response – Breathe on us Lord, breathe on us Lord.

Rest, I declare My Shalom rest upon you. Rest in Me and your destiny unfold as you advance forwardy. Be not anxious, for I am setting all things in order that it may go well with you as you fulfill this great and mighty commissioning that can only be done in Me.  You in Me and I in you!

I will reveal to you things of My Spirit  that will far surpass your natural understanding, but you will see and receive then in your spirit… doubt not. I will ask you to do things that will stretch you beyond natural ability… doubt not.

I will declare My words through you and perform signs and wonders which at times will make you tremble!  Be of good cheer,  I’m about to reveal Myself in this hour as the miracle worker. Live life in My supernatural way. It will be common place for My miracles to flow through you and from you, one after another after another.  As I did when the Father released His power through Me, so I will freely flow My power through you.  I will move powerfully through you as I did through Isaiah and Ezekiel.  So set your heart like flint immovable and unshakable like they did knowing they would not be put to shame.

Do My will, speak  what I speak and  do what I do
… then you will see these miracles.

In this time of fasting, I would have you seek Me and discover what hinders My miracles from flowing through and from you. Prepare yourself, be ready to scribe the things I show you for these revelations will not only upgrade and set you in higher levels of My Spirit, but will help others walk into deeper understanding and freedom as well.

Teachers, teach My ways of the supernatural! Preachers, preach My ways of the supernatural! Evangelists, teach, preach and release My supernatural ways. Demonstrate My wonder working power to My body and to the world.  This act of obedience will stir and awaken the desire for the supernatural  within each and every person who I’ve created to live in My Zoe life.

Meaning NT2198  of Zoe
to live, breath, be among the living (not lifeless, not dead) but to enjoy real life, to have true life active, blessed, endless in the kingdom of God, living and acting with morals, character, living water, having vital power in itself, and using the same power released upon your soul, to be in full strength, to be fresh, efficient, active, powerful, effective.
Teach, preach and speak My ways and demonstrate My power; then look for My supernatural signs and wonders to follow you at every turn and around every corner. Expect to run into miracles and expect them to chase you down.

I have set before you apostles and prophets who will release My glory! My glory is before you to receive and release in a measure you have never before seen or tasted of in your life. This Is My Will and My Desire: that you would capture My very words of life and release them to those  I place before you. Some will be strangers, others will be those of great influence; I created each and every one equal in My eyes. Be faithful to release the gifts  I have given you and proclaim them from the house tops. Glorify Me!

I have been actively refining you in the past few years to prepare you for this time and season.  I have readied you to carry and release My glory to the utter most parts of the earth.  I have already made the way and provision when there seems to be no way in natural circumstances. Broadcast My words of life to all who will hear!

For those of you who believe this word is from  Holy Spirit, take a knee and allow your friend Holy Spirit to birth His word in you.