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Springing Into Life Seminar

Tuesdays in May

By Brook - Site Promoter McNeely - April 9, 2019

Springing Into Life Seminar
Health and Wellness
Tuesdays in May (7 PM - 9 PM)

You have a personal invitation to participate in a Spring House Cleaning event.  One catch, we are not talking about your living residence, but your physical body!

Gateway will be hosting a four-week health and wellness seminar called – Springing Into Life.  Classes are free and will be held every Tuesday evening in May from 7-9 PM. 

This is a treasured opportunity to educate yourself on the many ways God has created and provided for us to steward our bodies and walk in divine health. Every week, trained and passionate facilitators will bring instruction and activation on a specific area of health.

Following are the facilitators and the topics each will be covering:
  • Lisa Keyes Fresquez –  has owned her own herbal store for over 18 years. She is the author of the book Healthy Food Choices Made Simple. She has a doctorate in natural medicine, is a licensed psychotherapist and holds many certifications in herbalism and nutritional counseling. Her passion is helping people overcome life's health challenges through prayer, food, supplements, and healthy modalities!
Topic - Building a new Foundation… Where do I begin? Making the transition to organic in a cost-effective way.  If it's not food, don't eat it. Benefits of a healthy diet.
  • Dwayne Burris – is one of the associate pastors at Gateway and has training and experience in a variety of areas in fitness.  He is passionate to see the Body of Christ get into shape… not only spiritually, but physically.
Topic– Simple and practical ways to lose weight, exercise and diet.  Students who would like to will have opportunity to participate in some basic movements and stretches.  Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  • Vicky Beeson –  is a surgical nurse by profession, but has a God desire to see people find health through natural means. She loves assisting and instructing people on their journey to health.
Topic –*What are essential oils  *History of essential oils  *Grades of essential oils   *How to use and apply the oils  *How do they work.  There will be testimonials as well as printed material and free samples available.
  • Mark & Katey Robertson – have a call on their lives to see people walk into a life of divine health.  Both are trained in a variety of areas of health, but will focus on the importance of Hydration/Water and also on the BeMer Technology for this seminar.
Topic – Choices available for clean water through simple filtration options as well as technology out of Japan.  There will be discussion on frequencies – how to pray over water to change the structure.  Information will be given on the many health benefits of many different water systems and solutions which are available.  There will be information on the Bemer Technology that uses multiple healing frequencies which allows blood flow through capillaries benefiting cells, organs, systems bringing the Parasympathetic nervous system into a place of order and rest.