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Pentecost Fire Launch

Sunday, May 20th

By Brook - Site Promoter McNeely - April 19, 2018

Pentecost Fire Launch
Guest Speakers: Dave & Nancy McDaniel
Sunday, May 20th (10 AM)
All of creation groans for the manifestation of the sons of God!!!  The entire earth trembles and shakes anticipating the greatest move of God and harvest of souls in recorded history.  As believers, we have great expectancy for what is to come in this season of double new beginnings, double fruitfulness and open gateways!
Gateway on Mt. Zion invites you to attend Pentecost Fire Launch on Sunday, May 20th.  Over 2000 years ago, the church was birthed and launched from the Upper Room to go into the utter most parts of the earth bringing the glorious truth of our Risen Lord and Savior.  They did so with the fire of Holy Spirit with signs, wonders and miracles following them everywhere.
Now it is our turn!!!  This year, there is an unusual expectation in our hearts for this year’s Pentecost Celebration.  Gateway is also honored and exciting for Dave and Nancy McDaniel to be our special guest speakers on this special day.
 Dave McDaniel
After serving for many years as a football coach, teacher and school administrator, Dave is the Men of Issachar Director, Aglow International.  He also serves on the Leadership Team of the Men of Issachar, Aglow International Lighthouse in Bakersfield, California. Dave is an engaging speaker with an enthusiasm for seeing people live in the fullness of their identity and spiritual inheritance. He shares deep truths of the Word of God with practical and prophetic wisdom. In his book, Dancing on the Waters, Dave explores a journey of fulfillment and purpose through conversations with God.
Nancy McDaniel
Nancy has served Aglow International as Prayer Director since 1999, building a Global House of Prayer throughout the 171 nations where Aglow is affiliated. She is an inspirational speaker and teacher, carrying the message of the power of prayer in bringing heaven’s atmosphere to earth. In her book, Prayer – Heaven’s Open Door, she explains how to find the joy of knowing God in a magnitude beyond your imagination, how to know the comfort of seeing the Holy Spirit work on your behalf in any crisis, and how to access the promises and resources of heaven.
Together, Dave and Nancy aspire to see God’s people walk in harmonious relationships
and in the purpose and destiny that God has intended.