Daily Devotional - Treasures in the Rain

There are buried treasures within the Word of God that have yet to be discovered. Let’s go on a life-changing expedition to unearth these jewels. The rain from heaven is pouring over the pages of the Bible uncovering mysteries that will strengthen and empower you in your day-to-day life.

If you desire to read through the Bible in a year and/or to receive the Treasures in the Rain daily prophetic devotional please email Lindsay at Lindsay@activationministries.com.

Each day, the devotional will depict another facet of God's heart expressed prophetically in word, prayer, teaching, and even through music and the creative arts.

Expect a God encounter as you experience the release of a corporate anointing when together, as a body, we walk the pages of the Holy Bible on a journey to the heart of God.

This devotional focuses on a daily reading format that takes the reader through the Bible in a year.